…after 1 month on Laurens’ program all of my husbands symptoms had disappeared.  After 2 months his health had improved to a level he had not experienced in over a decade. – Teetee Weisel (Dominica)


Improving organ function (heart, kidney, lungs, liver, small & large intestine, thyroid & adrenal)

Several diseases and disorders can affect your organs, ranging from Chronic Bronchitis, Adrenal Gland disorders to Heart Disease. Whether you have an existing condition, want to improve organ function, or simply want to ensure your organs are healthy, the Maas Clinic offers several holistic programmes that can help. Healthier organs can give you a healthier life!

Improving organ function with holistic treatment methods

Our dedicated team conducts detailed analysis and diagnostic tests to ensure we find the best treatment to meet your needs. We remove harmful toxins from your body, offer de-stressing techniques and use technological advances to improve your overall health and promote healing.

We can also work with you to create a balanced diet plan to suit your needs, so that you get the most from your meals. With delicious, healthy meals and natural supplements, you can enjoy every mouthful towards better health.

Some of our improving organ function treatment options include bio chemistry analysis, ECG, stool tests, therapeutic massages, detoxification programs, dietary and nutritional adjustments and other related lifestyle changes. Our nutritional programme is reinforced by all-natural supplements which are available from our online store and by nutritious, satisfying “Good Food Good Mood” meals and recipes.

Click here for testimonials of persons whose health has improved by our Improving Organ Function Programme. Give us a call today to set up an initial consultation.

Our improving organ function programme is appropriate for:

  • Persons who suffer from Heart disease, Chronic bronchitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, over or under active Thyroid gland, other associated diseases
  • Persons with a family history of Heart disease, Liver/Kidney disease or other associated diseases.
  • Persons recovering from an illness/ surgery to a major organ
  • Persons interested in improving overall health