…I lost over 50lbs and feel great. I have no hesitation in highly recommending The 5 Laws program to all my associates and friends.   – Slims (Barbados)


Good food! Good mood! A balanced nutritional diet can improve your mood and make you feel happier and more energetic during your day-to-day activities. At the Maas Clinic, improved health, reduced stress and fatigue and better immunity to diseases are some of the benefits which our Diet and Nutrition Programme can give you!

Using diet and nutrition to control disease

Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, need a diet change to control diseases like hypertension or diabetes, suffer from gluten or other food allergies or just want to improve your overall health, we have bespoke programs to suit your needs.

Through advanced diagnostic analysis, we determine the foods best suited to your body. We work with you to design holistic personalised diet plans that you can easily fit into a hectic lifestyle.

Diet and nutrition to suit your needs – not a one fit approach

At the Maas Clinic, we look at the whole person and develop a balanced program that will give you the best outcome. We can help you implement positive lifestyle changes, offer de-stressing techniques and promote a balanced outlook on life.

Some of our treatment options include dietary and nutritional adjustments, detoxification programs, and other related lifestyle changes.Our nutritional programme is reinforced by all-natural supplements which are available from the Clinic.

Good food can taste good!

Who says that healthy food has to taste like cardboard? With our tasty meals and recipe guides, you will be amazed that eating healthy could taste so good! Ready to take the next step towards a healthy life? Let us help you! Give us a call today to set up an initial consultation.

Our Diet and Nutrition programme is appropriate for:

  • Persons who want to improve their health through diet and nutrition
  • Persons interested in maintaining a healthy body image
  • Persons interested in losing/gaining weight safely
  • Persons who suffer from food allergies ( wheat, dairy, whey etc)
  • Persons who need help creating satisfying diet substitutes to combat diseases like diabetes and other lifestyle diseases