We often liken our athletes to formula one racing cars and it’s not as strange as it sounds.  Both need to be kept running in peak condition, especially during competition.  Both need a top of the line, professional, pit crew to manage this.  For anyone undertaking our ‘Peak Performance Programme’, we are the pit crew, using regular checks and tweaks to keep you in top condition employing a carefully formulated combination of Functional Diagnostic Medicine, osteopathy and nutrition.
Like any professional crew, the first thing we do is a thorough check of the vehicle, so that we can assess how it is working, isolate any weaknesses and assess where we need to focus.  This is done through diagnostic testing of saliva, urine, blood, and hair.  We use scientific testing to give us a 100% accurate picture of how the body is working and we let the body, not the patient, give us this information. 
Our checklists are based on weight, blood pressure, oxygenation, body fat percentage, salt and sugar levels, hydration levels, and blood chemistry to name but a few.  The old style of weight and blood pressure, just aren’t enough and frequently overlook an underlying cause.
The general formula is simple, test, assess, repair and repeat.  Whether your goals are strength, power, coordination or endurance, or as is normally the case, all four; we can help you achieve these goals, push through the barrier and be the best that you can be by taking your body, mind and attitude to optimum levels for peak performance. 



The information that I received from the Maas Clinic set me on a firm footing to go out and win my 7th World Title in 2005 and I have since gone on to win four more for a total of eleven…



Laurens has given true meaning to the term balance and he’s shone a light on the facts that prove just how powerful humans can be. I loved working with him and can’t wait to see what the future holds!



I was permanently tired… Laurens​ developed an action plan to get me back firing on all cylinders. I now visit the Maas Clinic regularly and have delivered the best performances of my sporting life.  

It is universally recognized that diet and sleep patterns affect performance, yet each person has different needs and weaknesses.  No single training programme or diet works for everyone.  We create a tailor-made nutrient plan exclusively for the individual and we assess the correct timing for meals to ensure optimum strength.  Overtraining can often cause more damage than too little as exercise can be a powerful stressor, placing increased demands on adrenal function so it is essential to correctly balance the adrenals, cortisol and blood sugar so as not to deplete valuable energy production.  A tired, stressed body is also far more vulnerable to injury and illness. 
We take a fanatical approach to training and repeat testing gives us the tools for immediate application of this data to change physiology in real time, within minutes and days.  Repeat testing also confirms whether therapeutic interventions are working as they should and allows us further and immediate investigation if they are not.  Daily urine testing gives real-time data and guidance for the following twenty-four hour period and allows us to always be ahead of the game.


Unlike conventional medicine, we believe that in order to achieve your absolute best, a healthy mind is equally important.  Through Laurens’ extensive training in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), we can help you break through your mental barriers and put your head firmly in the game.  NLP effectively models the skills of exceptional people.  By altering behavioural patterns and learned responses, literally, anyone can acquire these skills.  The name and concept encompass our vitally important components; the neurological system regulates how our body functions, language determines how we interface and our programming determines the kinds of models of the world we create. Neuro-Linguistic Programming describes the fundamental dynamics between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how their interplay affects our body and behaviour (programming). For an athlete to achieve greatness, the synergy between body and mind is essential for peak performance. NLP helps you to learn how to break through negativity, quash insecurity and to reinstall a healthy positive mental attitude to take you forward.