Ever took a painkiller for a ‘tension’ headache only to realise that the pain was caused by your jaw being out of alignment? Or were you treating acne symptoms to find out later that you had a food allergy? The Mass Clinic practises functional diagnostic medicine, which focuses on finding the root of your problem, not merely treating your systems. Let us help you take the first step on your journey to improved health!
We are dedicated to finding the root cause of your symptoms as well as offering preventative medicine. Prevention is better than cure and our dedicated team works alongside you to detect and offer solutions to existing or future problems.

Our natural supplements and procedures ensure that every step of the way is a healthy one along the road to better health!

Comprehensive Functional Assessment

We don’t only treat your symptoms – we take care of you! At the Maas Clinic, we look at the whole picture. To ensure we find the best treatment, we perform a range of diagnostic test to find out exactly what is causing your symptoms.  Some of the procedures and tests that we use include:

Clinical Microscopy

Clinical microscopy focuses on the detailed analysis of your blood with the aid of a microscope. The microscope allows us to see the red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, certain bacteria, and fungal markers. This analysis of your blood terrain is conducted by first taking a small drop of blood from your finger and then placing it under the microscope.

Observing the blood and monitoring its thickness offers valuable information to our team to help us find the best programme to improve the blood quality and, in turn, your health. The stickier your blood is the more likely you will experience signs of protein excess, lack of digestive enzymes, lack of electrons, and excess acid foods in diet. Analysing your blood under the microscope helps us to better understand your health and dietary needs. Changes to your diet affect blood viscosity in profound ways and seeing a close-up of your blood can help motivate you, as you observe your blood quality improving as your diet changes.

Quantitative Fluid Analyzer

The Quantitative Fluid Analyzer (QFA), as its name suggests, is a series of test conducted on the body’s fluids (blood, saliva, urine). Examining and analysing these results, allows our dedicated team to conduct a biological terrain test which gives us a detailed picture of how well the body and its organs are working. The results are displayed in a table and a real-time treatment strategy can be developed to monitor your body’s recovery and to determine how well a detoxification programme is going. You can actually watch your body getting healthier!

Bio Chemistry and Physiology

Understanding the body as a whole and how it is inter-related is an important factor of any treatment process. We use the following bio chemistry and physiology tests to create a complete picture of how your body is functioning.

  • Blood chemistry panel 13 – basic hematology to check liver enzymes; pancreatic, kidney and bile function; and overall hydration
  • Basal metabolic panel – electrolytes check to assess adrenal function, calcium and magnesium
  • Total cholesterol panel – checks anabolic and catabolic tendencies, checks fungal indicators
  • Urine-analysis – Multi-Stix 10
  • Reams testing – RBTI
  • Revici testing
  • Metabolic type testing
  • Heart rate variability
  • Blood pressure – standing and resting
  • Body temperature
  • Breath rate and breath hold
  • Weight and body fat percentage
  • Accurate percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood
  • Pulse rates

Metabolic Testing

Your metabolism has an important part to play in your ability to lose weight. When it comes to weight loss there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’; and understanding the weight loss process will help you to lose weight and keep it off. Unlike the many diet fads, where 90% of participants regain the weight they lost, we can help you lose weight healthily and keep it off.

To determine your metabolic rate, a simple ten minute breath test is carried out. During the test, the air that you breathe out is analysed to determine exactly how much oxygen your body consumed.  This is how your metabolic rate is measured.

Your metabolic rate will be used to calculate your Target Calorific Zones.  These zones will show you the correct amounts of calories you need to ensure weight loss as well as the amount of calories needed to maintain your desired weight. Your body will be healthy, happy and satisfied!

Onsite Laboratory

In addition to using cutting edge international laboratories, the Maas Clinic also has an onsite laboratory which expertly combines the efficiency and effectiveness of a traditional lab with the holistic view that our patients are more than just symptoms. We care about you and ensure that every aspect of your experience is a pleasant one and our friendly staff are always willing to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We are fully equipped to conduct blood chemistry tests, cholesterol, and glucose testing as well as several other diagnostic tests which can often provide results within the hour.