When your body is in harmony, it is better able to fight off illness, and maintain an optimal level of health. Electronic Homeopathy helps your body regain its natural balance of energy.  Your body has energy or electromagnetic frequencies which vibrate in a harmonious relationship. If toxins enter the body they disrupt the natural vibrations of the body and may cause various symptoms, including aches and pains. Electronic homeopathy addresses the root of the problem and modifies the body’s natural electromagnetic frequencies to correct the vibration, bringing your body back to a healthy state.

Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF)

Your body is alive with electricity and your cells respond to certain electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Photo-stimulation of cells allows them to repair DNA and drives chemical reactions that promote healing and improve your body’s function. Our team uses several various techniques to influence your body’s natural electromagnetic frequencies. We can administer frequencies to help with detoxification, encourage cell growth and repair and reduce stress as well as rectify other problems. Let us help you feel refreshed and energized! The following procedures will help you as you travel the road to better health.


The BioScan system is an FDA cleared, state of the art testing machine that scans the body’s organs and functions for imbalances and sensitivities using electrodermal screening (EDS); skin conductivity readings which measure specific acupuncture points. This equipment mimics the electromagnetic presence of different substances and accurately monitors your body’s reactions, which in turn, helps us to identify allergies, insensitivities, and toxins and subsequently the best remedies.


Let good health pulse through your body! The state-of-the art Ondamed machine is used by our trained team to promote cell repair and regeneration. Once connected to the machine your body will relax as the frequencies stimulate connective tissue, which either deliver nutrients or excrete toxins from the bloodstream or lymph.

The equipment detects your pulse rate and informs our trained practitioner when a signal is appropriate. Scanning your body, we determine any interference fields and deliver the required frequencies that will maintain your physical and emotional happiness.


We find the best solutions to your ailments. The BEST® system is a FDA registered machine that scans for a broad base of allergies and remedies, using electro-dermal screening (EDS); skin conductivity readings measured at specific acupuncture points. This machine mimics the electromagnetic presence of different substances and monitors how your body reacts to it. Knowing how your body reacts to different substances can help us identify allergies, toxins and find the best remedies to meet your needs.