Constant pain is one of the hardest things to live with.  You look normal, you sound normal but there is an internal agony that is debilitating, depressing and tiring.

Not wanting to be seen as a complainer, more often than not, you will suffer in silence, trying to mask it with painkillers.  This, in turn, can lead to the dangers of addiction, misuse of alcohol and severe long-term damage to our gut health.

It’s not a pretty picture, but there are alternative solutions and one that we highly recommend is Cold laser therapy.

Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment that helps to reduce pain and inflammation. It has been used for many years in the treatment of sports injuries for athletes. Unlike some laser treatments, cold laser therapy does not heat the cells in the body, which can actually be destructive.  Instead with cold laser, the biochemical effect of LED technology, laser and wavelengths in the light, stimulate cells in the damaged area, increasing cellular energy and encouraging regeneration and the production of collagen for tissue repair.  In essence, it stimulates the body’s natural healing process, reducing both pain and inflammation.

The true beauty of this type of treatment is that it is totally safe, so much so that not only is used for humans but it is now used regularly for animals, in particular canine and equine.   The huge advantage is that this treatment can be performed in the animal’s home environment, keeping them calm by reducing the stress of travelling, so much so, that most animals are unaware that it is even being performed.

Whether equine, canine or human, cold laser therapy is ideal for all forms of chronic and acute pain management, whether arising out of muscle strain, sprains, soft tissue injuries, tendonitis, tennis elbow, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic back pain or arthritis.   It also encourages faster tissue repair for open wounds and assists with the lymphatic system.   So if any of the above applies to you, don’t suffer in silence.  Let us help you repair rather than mask; whether for you or a beloved pet, we can help you heal.