The world we live in is becoming more and more polluted. People now consume more processed foods, air quality is decreasing, stress levels are higher, and we are bombarded with toxins wherever we turn. Our bodies are jolted from their natural balance and have become more susceptible to disease. The World Health Organisation’s Professor Costantini and several other medical doctors, now understand that the world’s degenerative diseases link to an overgrowth of fungi within the body. Removing this excess fungus and restoring the body’s natural balance encourages longevity and freedom from disease. At the Maas Clinic, we focus on getting rid of the cause of your ailment and restoring your body to its natural, healthy state.

Out with the bad

The benefits of internal detoxification are disease prevention and therapy, as well as general weight loss, clearer skin and a whole host of anti-aging advantages such as slowing down the aging process, improved cardiac function, better glucose control and flexibility of the body.


Cleansing the human body is evidenced throughout all ancient cultures dating back thousands of years. Modern science now understands that a cause of our health deterioration is due to the accumulation of free radicals and mycotoxins – pollutants to our bodies.

Finding your balance

To achieve and maintain optimal health we must find the perfect balance for your body. Achieving this balance and harmony allows the body to work at its full potential, fight off and reduce diseases and allow you to be happier and healthier. Your body is made up of five key molecules; sugar, proteins, fats, minerals and electricity. We work with you to regain the balance of these essential five laws that are responsible for achieving and maintaining optimal health.