Meet our family!

The Maas Clinic family includes a blend of flexible, dynamic, creative and resourceful individuals, all working together to help you. Our committed and dedicated team offers a comprehensive and supportive service that enables you to achieve your health care goals. Meet our team and find the best person to assist you with any particular query that you may have.

Osteopath/ Homeopath

Mr. Laurens Maas B.Sc. Ost., DI. Hom. (UK)

Head Osteopath / Homeopath Physician / Functional Medicine Practitioner

Laurens consults with and guides you through your programme at the osteopathic, homeopathic, functional diagnostic, medical & nutritional level. He also oversees all lab staff and follows through on individual requests for local and overseas testing for patients. He is currently pursuing a Medical Doctorate in Integrated Medicine.

To review all Laurens Maas’ qualifications, please click here.


Jolicia Springer B.Sc. (Bio-chem)

Lab Technician – Bachelors in Biochemistry

Jo runs all in-house lab tests and has a good knowledge base of lab test protocols. She also handles all live blood analysis in conjunction with Laurens.


Tara Pennington B.Sc. ( Management)

Clinic Supervisor

Tara oversees all aspects of the clinic as well as management of all staff.

Claire Haynes B.Sc. Hons. ( Biology & Chemistry) 

Customer Service Representative

Provides support to the patients as well as assists with various projects related to nutrition and supplements.

Rochelle Burgin B.Sc. Hons. ( Accounting)

Reception Maas Clinic

Processes all appointments & payments for clinical services, confirms appointments, generates invoices, credit notes & general queries.