Holistic medicine, as its name suggests, focuses on the whole person, not just a specific injury or disease. This means, at the Maas Clinic, we focus wholly on you!


Holistic medicine is not a new fad; the founding father of modern medicine, Hippocrates (whose name gives rise to the Hippocratic oath that all doctors undertake), believed that illness in a person was induced by various elements in the body being out of balance. That each element in the body corresponded to a different season; not only was Hippocrates looking at the person rather than just the symptom; he was also examining the environment the patient inhabited. Holistic medicine stems from the need to focus on the whole person, not just symptoms.


At the Maas Clinic, our ethos is not to simply treat the symptoms but to discover and treat the underlying cause of the disease.


Our dedicated team caters to both your physical and emotional wellness. The Maas Clinic practices holistic medicine, and works with you to determine the true cause of your illness and find the best solution to help you achieve your optimal health!