Welcome to the Maas Clinic!

A place where the effects of aging seem to slow down and ‘being healthy’ is not just a passing fad, but a way of life. Offering relief from allergies, painful illnesses, and a range of other complaints, the Maas Clinic puts its patients first. Not only do we treat the symptoms of your ailments but we work with you to find the root cause and provide strategies to help you live a happy, healthy life.

Brief history of the Maas Clinic

Originally conceptualized by British-trained Osteopath, Laurens Maas and his Barbadian wife Cathie over 17 years ago, the Maas Clinic has secured its place at the front of clinical representation in the Caribbean for cutting edge scientific testing with holistic and naturopathic therapy.

As the first osteopath on the island of Barbados, Laurens pioneered the field and was solely responsible for getting the science recognized and then registered through The Barbados Parliament and Ministry of Health. He later sat on the paramedical council and represented alternative/complementary practitioners for the standardization of holistic health sciences and the safety of the general public.

How the Maas Clinic works today

With state-of-the-art digital feedback systems and FDA cleared medical diagnostic tools, supportive staff, and a dramatic, modern setting patients can feel 100% confident that with their own commitment and the scientific and compassionate support of the clinic, they can achieve amazing things and maintain and celebrate optimum health at all times.

Our UK clinic offers both a full range of osteopathic services and state of the art diagnostic testing for Functional Diagnostic Medicine.  Our Barbados and Skype Clinics operate virtually and therefore do not offer osteopathic services.